Fishing Rod Repair Services

Fishing Rod Repair Services

Goose Creek Rod and Reel would never rush through a job just to “push it out” and collect payment. We consider ourselves craftsmen who take great pride in our work and pay strict attention to detail. We will, however, try our best to meet a customer's deadline before an upcoming fishing trip. Most rod and reel repair shops focus on volume. At Goose Creek Rod & Reel Repair, we focus on quality because we take great pride in what we do. As a result, your rod will be returned in better condition and appearance than when you brought it in. Our greatest advertisement is the word of our loyal customers.

See: "Turnaround and Warranty".


We can enhance the look or performance of just about any fishing rod with a change in the blank color, a geometric design woven onto the blank, hydro dipping patterns, different or better grips, stronger guides or guide wraps, or a number of other enhancements. For fishing rod repair services, call the professionals at Goose Creek Rod & Reel Repair.

Rod Guide Replacement:

First old guide wraps are removed. The blank is cleaned, abraded, and refinished with a single-stage pre-activated urethane. The guide is replaced and rewrapped on the refinished blank. Lastly, several coats of quality clear coating are applied to the finished wrap.

We will try to match the original color and design of the threads on the remaining guides — assuming that the thread is still available.

For rods that are brought in for repair or refurbishment, we will attempt to salvage and return to like-new condition any damaged guides to save you, the customer, the expense of new guides.

Roller Guides

To refurbish roller guides we disassemble the entire guide.  If the guide has to be removed from the rod, all the guide feet are re-ground and the frame and rollers are polished with jeweler’s rouge.  All the edges inside and out are wire brushed with a fine Dremel tool attachment.  The bushings are cleaned and polished and the guide is reassembled using the best available reel lubricant. Standard boat rod guides or spinning guides are polished with jewelers’ rouge across all surfaces inside and out.

Rod Repair Costs 

The cost of rod guide and/or tip replacements varies depending on guide style, wrapping desired, and the number of colors. See our "2021 Rod and Reel Pricing

Rod Tip Repair

Don’t let a broken tip cause you to trash that favorite rod. Bring it to us for fast and affordable tip replacement. We carry the most common tips in stock. On the rare occasion, we have to order your tip, the replacement will be done as quickly as possible, once parts arrive.

Grip Repair and Replacement

The difficulty of a handle or grip replacement depends on the rod. Some are simple enough that we can install the handle/grips from the rear. Others are more involved. Prices for grip replacement can only be quoted after examination of the rod to determine if the reel seat or guides must be removed. 

Butt and Reel Seat Replacements

Replacement of reel seats involves the removal and replacement of the original grip material, therefore the rod must dry for a significant period of time. Most importantly, don’t get the reel seat replaced if you’ll be needing the rod in a few days!

Rod Stripping & Refinishing

Costs for rod stripping and refinishing will vary, based on exactly what kind of work you need to have done.

Goose Creek Rod & Reel Repair is located in Indian Trail, NC, near the intersection of Brief Road West and Hwy 601. We are convenient to Midland, Locust, Mint Hill, Monroe, Matthews, Pineville, and Charlotte NC.

For professional fishing rod repair services, Contact Goose Creek Rod & Reel Repair today!

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