Terms, Conditions, Turnaround & Warranty


Turnaround time varies significantly depending on the number of projects in-house at one time. This is how we priorotize jobs:

Rods are given first priority due simply to the speed of repair. Rods typically are turned around within a week or two at the most for a normal guide or tip replacement. More complex repairs such as handle and reel seat replacements or complete guide set replacements may take longer.

Reels are secondary in priority due to it normally averages 2.5 to 3 hours per reel for a complete reel cleaning. We are VERY thorough and we break the reel completely down. Whether it's for repair or cleaning, reels are worked on in the order they are received. Depending on the number of jobs currently in-house, this could be anywhere from 1 week to 10 weeks or more. We will post the expected turnaround time on our homepage here.

Restorations are last in priority, not because they are the least important, but due to the length of time, it takes to complete a quality restoration. In most cases, restorations are used mainly as "wall-hangers" and therefore are not depended upon for an upcoming fishing trip, like rod repairs and reel servicing. We love to take our time on restorations and really do the very best job we can. That is only accomplished when the client is not calling weekly asking for the status. Please allow us to take all the time we need and I promise you that we will return a restoration that you can be proud of handing down through future generations. It is not unusual for a restoration to be in-house for six months or longer.

NOTE: PLEASE do not call or text asking the status. We will notify you when your job is “in progress” and again the minute it is completed. 


Payment for parts are required BEFORE parts are ordered. NO EXCEPTIONS! Balance for labor and/or other expenses are due when rod and/or reel is picked-up. Payment can be in cash or via any credit or debit card on our website: (https://goosecreekrods.com/make-a-payment/). 


Goose Creek Rods is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the repair, restoration or customization, we will make requested and necessary changes free of charge* until you are completely satisfied.

*Free unless additional parts are needed. In that case, only parts (+ shipping) would be charged.


On rare occasions, during the process of repair, parts can break. Common causes are screws and bolts shearing off due to age and/or corrosion, rods breaking due to weak spots, and other factors that are no fault of our own. Goose Creek Rod & Reel will NOT be responsible for those parts or the necessary repairs or replacement to fix them. We will repair it, but at regular repair & parts costs.