Custom Rod and Reel Painting

Goose Creek Rods offers professional, high quality custom painting of fishing rods and reels.

Our painters have been employed in the automotive painting industry for decades and are very good at what they do. We can custom paint your rod any color and clear it with a high grade clear coat with flex agent added.

In addition to painting we can Cerakote your reels using a wide range of available colors. Cerakote is the hardest coating substance because it contains ceramic content. It can endure or withstand a lot before cracking or breaking. These custom coatings will increase physical performance and properties like abrasion, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance.


Ceramic coated guides. Hundreds of colors available.  Price depends on style of guide and quantity. Call or contact us for pricing.

Email or text a photo of what you would like painted or cerakoted and we will reply back with an accurate cost. Below are just a few examples of our custom painting and cerakote options.