Rod and Reel Refurbishing

Don’t throw it away, REFURBISH IT!

In this day and time, it makes sense to keep what you have and restore it for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Instead of tossing your favorite rod or reel, bring them in for a complete refurbishing. We can clean, seal, repair or replace cork grips. We can add heat shrink or cork wraps to handles. We can rewrap and replace guides. We can strip off oRefurbished rods and reels.ld, peeling clear coat and add a fresh new layer. We can take a scratched up, worn reel and apply a fresh coat of Cerakote or paint to make it look new again.

There are MANY ways we can fix, repair and enhance your rods and reels and bring them back to life. Give us a call and let’s discuss ways in which we can restore, refurbish and enhance your current rods and reels.

In addition, Goose Creek Rods offers a wide selection of refurbished fresh and saltwater rods and reels at an excellent price. Contact us to see what’s available. Inventory changes daily so keep checking, or let us know what you are looking for. Chances are we have it, or can get it for you.