Turnaround time is based on a “first-come, first-served” basis. The length of time it takes to repair your rod or reel is contingent on how many projects are currently in-house at any given time.  This could be anywhere from one week to eight weeks or more.

In most cases, we do try to give rod repairs priority due to the fact that they are the quickest turnaround. It doesn’t make sense to keep a rod six or eight weeks when all it needs is a five-minute tip replacement.

PLEASE do not drop your rod or reel off and then call a few days later asking, “How’s it going?” When we get to your project, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, rest assured we are trying to get to it as quickly as we can.


Vintage restorations, due to the nature of research and the restoration process, takes more time to complete. it is not unusual to have a restoration job in-house for three to six months or even longer. We have to work them through as we are doing other projects in-house, so it just naturally takes longer. When we are finished, we promise to present to you a unique restoration that can be handed down through the generations.


Goose Creek Rod & Reel is committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the repair, restoration, or customization, we will make requested and necessary changes free of charge* until you are completely satisfied.

*Does not include any additional parts not used in the previous repair or customization.


Payment for parts is required BEFORE parts are ordered. No exceptions! Balance for labor and/or other expenses are due when the rod and/or reel is picked-up. Payment can be in cash or via any credit or debit card on our website by clicking on “Make a Payment”.

Once we notify you that your rod and/reels are ready, please try to pick them up promptly. This is our business and we need payment to meet our expenses and obligations. ANY RODS OR REELS NOT PICKED UP 30 DAYS AFTER BEING NOTIFIED THEY ARE COMPLETE, WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF GOOSE CREEK ROD & REEL. We will sell the items in order to recoup time and expenses.


On rare occasions, during the process of repair, parts can break. Common causes are screws and bolts shearing off due to age and/or corrosion, rods breaking due to weak spots, and other factors that are no fault of our own. Goose Creek Rod & Reel will NOT be responsible for those parts or the necessary repairs or replacement to fix them. We will repair it, but at regular repair and parts costs.