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GOOSE CREEK ROD & REEL, established in 2016, is located in Indian Trail, NC near the intersection of Highway 601 and Brief Road. We are open Monday – Saturday, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call or text to schedule an appointment.

Our services include crafting high-quality custom fresh and saltwater fishing rods, vintage rod and reel restorations, and rod and reel repair.

We are a dealer/supplier of Akios Fishing Tackle and Ande Monofilament and Braided fishing line.

We aim to make our clients happy by using only the best products and providing the best services at the best prices. Our customer satisfaction has remained at 100% with excellent and positive feedbacks. We are constantly adding new products and services, so come back.

What Sets Us Apart

Simple.  .  . A Return To Old-Fashioned Craftsmanship.

Shop around you can probably find more than a few fishing rod and reel repair shops that will do the job faster and cheaper. Faster and cheaper is not what we are about. It’s about attention to detail and doing the job right, even to our own hurt if necessary.

We treat every rod and reel as if Jesus Christ himself walked in and handed it to us personally. What does that look like? We go the extra mile. Little things that don’t matter to most repair shops, matter to us. Our goal is to return the rod or reel as close as we possibly can to the day it was completed at the factory.

Some will simply remove the covers, take a Q-Tip and remove most of the grease, put new grease in, add a few drops of oil and they’re done. Start to finish about 30 minutes or less.  It takes Goose Creek Rod and Reel an average of 2 hours to thoroughly clean each reel. We not only completely clean the inside, but we pay attention to cosmetics as well. We’ll shine up chrome, remove corrosion from every part, screw and washer. We do the little things you’ll never know about like dip the screw threads in grease before re-installing to keep them from corroding and breaking.

So not all repair shops are the same. We view ourselves as craftsmen from an age long gone by. What you receive back is the very best job we can possibly do. No games, no shortcuts, just quality work at a reasonable price.

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