Custom Fishing Rods

There’s no comparison between finely tuned, custom fishing rods made by expert craftsmen and factory “off-the-shelf” rods from a discount store chain. Wrap your hands around a custom fishing rod specially designed for your grip, application, and fish species, and you’ll never consider another production, off-the-shelf, fishing rod again. We have crafted numerous custom bass rods, crappie, and trout rods, and are currently working on our own brand of surf, striper, catfish, and carp rods.

Advantages of a Custom Fishing Rod

Rod blank manufacturers mass-produce rod blanks by building up layers upon layers of fiberglass, graphite, and resin around a mandrel which is removed after the rod has cooled. Each blank is precision sanded and the final finish applied.

The Guides: We offer a wide range of guides for any application. We choose only the best guides from several manufacturers to include Aftco, Batson, American Tackle, Angler’s Workshop, Fuji, PacBay, and more. We’ll make the recommendations, but you choose the type of guides you want on your new custom rod.

We perform static stress tests on each rod to determine optimal guide placement which you will never get in an “off the shelf” mass-produced rod.

Handles/Rod Butts: Your choices include cork, EVA foam, Hypalon foam grips, and Winn Grips.  We have hundreds of reel seats with a variety of colors to choose from, based on your application.

The Grips: We have a wide variety of grips available to choose from. Each grip is custom sized and cut to the proper length and fitted to the blank using only the best waterproof epoxy available.

The Finish: Typically, three to five coats of rod epoxy finish are hand applied to the guide wraps while each rod is rotating on a drying rack. This process takes up to three days to complete in order to acquire an imperfection-free finish on the rod. Special UV protectants in the finish prevent “yellowing” and will keep your custom rod looking new for years.

Thread Colors: Top-quality nylon and metallic wrapping thread are used in wrapping our rods in your choice of color combinations.

Customization: Each rod can be tailored to your specifications and can be personalized with your name and any other special graphics or enhancements that you desire to make your rods truly unique. We can show you a wide variety of options available.

At Goose Creek Rods, we will work with you to make sure that you are totally satisfied with your custom rod. If not, we will make the necessary adjustments until you are. Each blank comes with the manufacturers’ warranty covering workmanship and/or defects in the blank.

Turnaround Time: After the rod blank and components are chosen, your new custom rod goes through a very thorough and tedious process. This process includes all of the above-mentioned steps as we carefully fit each component precisely to your rod blank. Furthermore, detailed custom wrapping, if ordered, lengthens the process. Each custom rod build is uniquely different, therefore an approximate turnaround time will be given once we know the specifics of your new custom build.

Average times for a custom build without custom wraps are approximately one to two weeks once all the components arrive. For builds with custom wraps, those will be estimated at the time of the order, but generally, allow around four to six weeks.

For serious anglers, there is only one place to go for quality custom fishing rods; GOOSE CREEK RODS.  Email or call 704 236 0897 for more information.