2023 Pricing

2023 Pricing

GCR highly values quality and attention to detail above all else.  Fishing reels are completely disassembled, down to the frame. Metal parts and bearings are first pre-cleaned by hand and then placed in an ultrasonic cleaner for deep cleaning.  We hand clean once again to get rid of any remaining grease or corrosion, fresh water rinse and then reassemble using high quality lubricants.

Drag washers are cleaned, dried and inspected. They are replaced with Carbontex drag washers if needed. Ball bearing covers are removed, flushed and then put into an ultrasonic cleaner. They are flushed again and tested on a bearing checker. If not free-spooling, the process will repeat. If still not responding well, they are replaced with high quality Boca or similar bearings.

We repair most makes and models of fishing reels for both fresh and saltwater applications. Give us a heads-up before you come on what brand and model reel you own and what’s wrong and we’ll do our best to make sure the parts are on hand before you arrive. Email photos of your rod or reel repair to Reggie@GooseCreekRods.com or text 704.236.0897.

Due to increasing costs, GCR is continuously evaluating our pricing structure, sometimes on a weekly basis. everything we utilize in repairing, restoring, and crafting rods and reels is increasing in price, so we are forced to adjust in order to remain in business. Thank you to all our loyal customers who understand, and know that we will continue to keep costs as low as we possibly can.


  • Cleaning – Freshwater Reels: *Starting at $25 per reel (Standard Freshwater Spinning Reels).
  • Cleaning – Saltwater Spinning Reels: *Starting at $35 per reel.
  • Penn 115, 4/0 to 16/0: *Starting at $35.
  • Saltwater (lever drag): *Starting at $40
  • Saltwater (2-speed lever drag) & Internationals: *Starting at $50

*Costs listed above are starting points. The final price may increase depending on the severity, complexity, and increased time involved in cleaning and repairing. 


  • Starts at $20 per reel plus parts (plus shipping if applicable). This is repair only, no cleaning.
  • BENCH FEE: If we began work on your reel and then it is determined that it cannot be fixed due to obsolete/unavailable parts, or the cost of parts and labor exceeds the retail value of the reel, there will be a $15 bench fee accessed. If you donate the reel (brand name reels) to GCR for parts, we will waive the bench fee.

*All parts must be prepaid before ordering. 

Goose Creek Rod & Reel Repair offers high-performance parts for most fresh and saltwater reels. Improvements include bearing upgrades (stainless steel, ceramic or high-speed), Carbontex drag washers, and more.


  • $12 Single Foot Guides, One-Color Thread.
  • $15 Double-Foot guides, One-Color Thread.
  • Add $1 per guide for Trim Bands.
  • Add $2 per guide for Underwraps.

All guides once wrapped, are coated with 3-4 coats of clear epoxy. Each coat of epoxy takes 8-24 hours to dry before another coat can be applied.

*Additional charge for multiple color threads, under wraps, and custom trim bands to match existing guide styles. 


  • $15 (Includes the cost of most common tips in-stock*). One color wrap**.* Special tips such as heavy-duty saltwater, boat tips, Titanium, and others will be based on the cost of the tip plus shipping charges.
    ** Add $2 for trim bands.


  • Custom Rods: All components must be paid for up-front, before ordering.  The remaining balance plus any additional charges are due upon delivery.
  • Vintage Restorations: All restorations must be paid up-front before any work begins. If there are unforeseen additional costs, they will be billed upon completion before delivery.
  • Reel Cleaning and Repair: Parts must be paid up-front before parts are ordered. Balance is due upon delivery.
  • Cash and/or online debit/credit cards accepted. ($2 Service Charge added for credit card payments). Sorry, no checks.

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