Turnaround and Warranty

2020 Terms & Conditions, Turnaround & Warranty


The first question we ask when you bring in your rod and/or reel is: "When do you need this?"

If the response is "No rush", then we place your rod and reel in the order that it was received. Depending on the number of projects we have in-house at the time, that could mean anywhere from a week, two weeks or a month or more.

We understand there are unexpected circumstances that necessitate needing your rod or reel back within a day or so. We do offer a RUSH SERVICE for an additional $20.00 per rod or reel. Otherwise, all projects are completed in the order they are received.

If you need your rod or reel back within a specified time, please let us know and we will try out best to accommodate you.

If your project is listed as "no rush", PLEASE do not call us a few days later wanting to know, "how's it's going?" We will let you know when we start work on your project and the very moment it is finished. Again, if your circumstances change and you are planning a trip, by all means, CALL US and we will do everything in our power to meet your deadline.


Goose Creek Rods are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the repair, restoration or customization, we will make requested and necessary changes free of charge* until you are completely satisfied.

*Does not include any additional parts not used in the previous repair or customization.


Payment for parts are required BEFORE parts are ordered. No exceptions! Balance for labor and/or other expenses are due when the rod and/or reel is picked-up. Payment can be in cash or via any credit or debit card on our website by clicking on "Make a Payment".

Once we notify you that your rod and/reels are ready, please try to pick them up promptly. This is our business and we need payment to meet our expenses and obligations. ANY RODS OR REELS NOT PICKED UP 30 DAYS AFTER BEING NOTIFIED THEY ARE COMPLETE, WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF GOOSE CREEK ROD & REEL. We will sell the items in order to recoop time and expenses.


On rare occasion, during the process of repair, parts can break. Common causes are screws and bolts shearing off due to age and/or corrosion, rods breaking due to weak spots, and other factors that are no fault of our own. Goose Creek Rod & Reel will NOT be responsible for those parts or the necessary repairs or replacement to fix them. We will repair it, but at regular repair and parts costs.