Handles and Grips

Fishing Handles and Grips, Indian Trail, NC

If you want the most comfort, performance and enjoyment, then selecting the best fishing rod handle and grip that best marries your fishing application is vitally important. Dixie Rods has an incredible selection of Cork, EVA, and Hypalon materials in which to choose from.

Handles and Grips Available:

  • Split Grips
  • Fore & Rear Grips
  • Fighting Butts
  • Butt Caps
  • Cork Rings
  • Saltwater Gimbals
  • Fly Rod Handles
  • Carbon Fiber & Composites
  • Tape, Cord & Shrink
  • Handle Kits
  • Winn Grips
  • Aluminum Butts
  • MHX Winn Grips