Professional Fishing Reel Repair

Professional Reel Repair Services

Servicing All Makes and Models of Fishing Reels

Fishing Reel Repair, Indian Trail, NCGoose Creek Rod and Reel offers professional, high-quality fishing reel repair services.

We have years of experience servicing all makes and models of fresh and saltwater fishing reels, including spincast reels, baitcasting, spinning, and conventional reels. If you are not completely, 100% satisfied, we'll make it right or you owe nothing!

Fishing reels can be very complex depending on the make and model. Professional reel cleaning and yearly maintenance are highly recommended. Fishing reels should be disassembled, cleaned, and lubed every year. Regular cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your fishing reel and bring it back to top performance.

Ultrasonic CleanerAt Goose Creek Rods, when I say that we completely disassemble the reel, I mean we completely disassemble, down to the smallest nut and washer. We clean all metal parts in an ultrasonic cleaner with degreaser and reassemble, applying just the right about of OEM recommended oil and reel grease to keep your reel operating at peak efficiency for a long time.

Bearings are opened, cleaned and reassembled, and if necessary, replaced. Drag washers are inspected, cleaned and if needed, replaced with upgraded Carbontex drag washers. Metal parts are buffed and shined with a Dremel polishing tool. The outside of the completed reel is lightly sprayed with a silicone lubricant to help prevent moisture buildup and corrosion. What you receive back is as close as it can get to the day it was manufactured. 

Vintage reels were built to last. Chances are good that your old heirloom reels are still solid. Get them professionally tuned up and give them another fishing trip. They deserve it. Those great old classics are an absolute blast to fish with!

Upgrades *NEW*

Goose Creek Rod and Reel now offers Boca Bearings and their famous Orange Seal bearings as upgrades at an additional price. We also offer Carbontex drag washers as a great upgrade to stop those lunkers. See: Reel Super-Tuning

Some of the Common Brands We Service:

Turnaround Time for Reel Repairs:

All repairs will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we do take extra time for polishing, cleaning and restoring your reel to factory conditions, things that most reel repair shops do not do. We are NOT a production line. We take great care in servicing your reel and we intend to do it right the first time. That said, if you have an immediate need for your reel such as an upcoming tournament, let us know and we will try our best, within reason, to accommodate you. 

We are accumulating a large parts inventory, but due to the vast number of fishing reels on the market, we may not have your exact part at the time of service. These parts will be ordered as quickly as possible to get you fishing.


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LOCATION: Goose Creek Rods is conveniently located at 815 Brief Road West, Indian Trail, NC in Union County, near the intersection of Brief Road and Highway 601. We are within a few short miles of Mint Hill, Midland, Locust, Monroe, Indian Trail, and Matthews, NC.

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