Reel Super-Tuning

Reel Super-Tuning

Reel Super-Tuning

Super-Tune your baitcasting reel for increased performance. Listed below are the following areas that we can super-tune your reel for peak performance

Upgraded Drag

Most reels have a drag stack that is comprised of alternating stainless steel and fiber discs. There will be a varying number of metal and friction washers, depending on the brand and model of your reel.

We improve drag performance by:

  • Polishing the metal surfaces.
  • Using the proper grease in the proper amounts.
  • Replacing the non-metallic washers with Carbontex washers.
  • Replacing stock grease with higher quality grease.

These improvements are well worth the time, effort and cost. We polish all metal washers using a Dremel tool, felt wheel and ultra fine polishing compound. Washers are polished into a mirror finish. This takes a great deal of time but only needs to be done once if followed with proper, regular maintenance. A very small amount of Shimano star drag grease or Cal’s drag grease is applied to the drag washers.

All metal parts are first ran through an Ultrasonic Cleaner and then polished. If metal parts rotate or slide while in contact with another part, that is a good candidate for polishing.

Upgraded Handles and Knobs

Replacing stock handles with four-bearing handles is a very nice upgrade. Immediate improvement will be noticed in the smoothness of the retrieve. TDZ handles are around $50 each, so it’s not cheap. There are, of course, other cost-effective alternatives available.

High Performance Bearings

Most stock bearings are unrated. Higher rated bearings have tighter tolerances, the bearing spins faster with less wobble or runout. Higher rated bearings are more stable at higher speeds, so the greatest advantage is replacing the ones in the spool. The other bearings are less important and would not be noticeable.

Stainless steel bearings are our recommendation. Ceramic bearings tend to be a bit noisy and cost a bit more. They will, however, extract the highest level of casting performance from your reels.

It is possible to “add” bearings to your reel. Whenever we find a bushing, we can replace it with a bearing. The reel will be smoother and will last longer. Over time, steel bearings keep things in better alignment than plastic bushings.

All of the above is included in our reel Super-Tuning. Cost is only $35 plus the cost of the upgraded parts. Call or email us today to schedule an appointment to have your favorite reels, SUPER-TUNED!