What you should know regarding restorations:

Goose Creek Rods is a full-service shop.  In addition to vintage restorations, we also craft custom fresh and saltwater rods and perform rod and reel service and repair.  Vintage restorations can and do require a great deal of time when done correctly. For this reason, I have to carefully mix the restorations in with the current workflow. Priority is given to rod and reel repairs and custom rods that are more time sensitive.

BE PREPARED TO BE WITHOUT YOUR RESTORATION FOR UP TO A YEAR OR LONGER.  This depends on my current backlog and the complexity of the restoration. Turnaround time for vintage restorations largely depend on the number of repairs and custom builds I have in-house at the time.

If you are in a hurry for the restoration to be completed, I am not the shop for you. There may be other restoration shops that can get the job out faster. I am not so concerned about “speed” as I am about quality. For this reason, I ask that customers please refrain from calling to “check status”. The shop can get very busy at times. Rushing a restoration job just adds to the stress. I definitely will NOT forget about your job and will be working hard to get to it as soon as I possibly can. I WILL NOT rush through a job just to get it out of the door. Once your vintage restoration arrives on the table, I will email or text, letting you know that work is beginning on your rod and/or reel. Otherwise, no other updates are given.

So, sit back, relax, and try to forget about it. You receive the very best vintage restoration we can provide and worthy to hand down for generations to come.

Spincast Reels

Restoration of spincast reels (Zebco-type reels) is not in our wheelhouse to restore.  We understand that spincast reels can be sentimental to some for various reasons, but cost factors and just the nature of the spincast reel excludes it from being something we are comfortable restoring.