Listed below are some of the things you can expect for rod and reel repair. Please review them carefully so we are all on the same page.

#1: First Come, First Served.

All projects are worked on in the order they are received..

#2: Checking Status.

Please DO NOT call, text, or email regarding status. No need to check to see “How’s it going?”. The moment I begin work on your rod and/or reel, you will be notified. You will also be notified the minute your project is completed.  If you have not been notified, then your project has not been started. Please hold off until we contact you.

#3: Pickup/Payment

We expect pickup – and payment – to be done in a timely manner once you have been notified that a job is complete. If it will be longer than one week before you can pick it up, we will send an electronic invoice to you to pay online, due immediately upon receipt.  After 30 days, the possibility exists that the rod or reel may be sold due to abandonment.

#4: Liability

Goose Creek Rods will not be held responsible if a part breaks during repair due to age or corrosion. The replacement part, if available, will be charged at the customer’s expense. If a part breaks due to OUR negligence or oversight, we of course will replace it at our expense.

#5: Unrepairable Reels

If your reel requires a part that is no longer available and cannot be fixed, we will notify you and stop all work at that point. The cost will be a flat $15 bench fee. If you wish to donate the reel to be used for parts, we will waive the bench fee.

#6: Open By Appointment Only.

Please DO NOT drop by unannounced.  Please call or text with an approximate time that you might arrive and WAIT for us to reply.

#7: Do Not Block Drive!

We have a designated space highlighted by two orange cones and a sign that says “Fisherman’s Parking”. Please park in that space. We have our mail delivered to a mailbox located in our driveway and if you block the drive, the mail person cannot get through, nor can UPS or FedEx deliveries. If you block the drive, we will respectfully ask that you move your vehicle.

#8: Rod & Reel Covers.

If you ship (or drop off) rods and reels to us, PLEASE leave your rod and reel covers at home. We have a whole box full of rod and reel covers that now have no owner, so please – leave those at home. If just the reel or just the rod needs repair, please leave the other at home. Do not bring a rod in for repair with the reel attached, we’ll send it back with you. Bring BOTH HALVES of a two-piece rod.