Why Choose Goose Creek Rods?

There are a number of businesses that provide rod and reel repair, vintage restorations and custom rod building. So why choose a small, one-man shop located on the backroads in Union County, NC? There is one small, but very important word I would use to seperate us from the rest:


For many businesses, rod and reel repair, vintage restorations and custom rod building is an “add-on” service. It’s a very small part of what they do. It’s not ALL they do and they certainly don’t rely on it for full support.

We do.

A great deal of attention is given to the smallest details. If we are not completely satisfied, we’ll tear it all down and start over even if it means we lose all profit on the job. It’s that important to us. Our success depends on doing the best job we possibly can at a fair price. Satisfied customers is our best advertising.

It really gets back to old fashioned values. Treat others the way that you want to be treated. Give a man your very best at a reasonable price. Be fair, be honest and be reliable.

Vintage Restoration

At Goose Creek Rods, we go above and beyond what others may do when we take on any vintage restoration project. A tremendous amount of time is spent researching the history of the rod and/or reel and how it looked when it was first produced. The original appearance is duplicated s closely as possible. We strive to match the exact paint, thread colors and if needed, replicate the original labeling. Reels are completely broken down to the smallest washer and nut and thoroughly cleaned both by hand and utilizing an ultrasonic cleaner. Our goal is to place back in our customer’s hand, a rod or reel that looks exactly as it would have looked the day it was manufactured if that is the goal.

If the goal is not original duplication, we can put new twists on old rods and reels. Rods can be sanded down, new varnish applied, custom guide wraps and new, state-of-the-art guides installed. A wide range of custom enhancements is available.

Rod and Reel Repair

Some shops just fix the problem and send it on its way. We go a little further. Once the issue is fixed, all dirt, grease, and grime are removed, inside and out. Chrome is polished, paint is touched up and the very best reel grease and oils are applied where needed. We promise to return your rod and/or reel back to you in much better condition than you gave it to us. We use only OEM recommended parts whenever possible (some vintage rods and reels may require substitutes).

Custom Fresh and Saltwater Rods

Goose Creek Rods also crafts custom fresh and saltwater fishing rods. We have a number of suppliers and can order any rod blank, guide, reel seat, handles or any other customized component you wish to have on your new fishing rod. You choose the blank and components, we’ll build the rod. If you want our recommendations, we’ll be glad to offer our advice.


Although we do offer decorative wrapping, our main “fort√©” is custom painting and marbling. Marbling does not affect the action of the rod and is one of the hottest decorative trends going, in my opinion. We are also currently experimenting with custom hydro-dipping for rods and reel covers.

There are also a number of ways to customize your rod without affecting performance. Give us a call at 704.236.0897 or shoot an email and we will discuss a number of ways to enhance your freshwater or saltwater fishing rod or reel.

Goose Creek Rods